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Why Fattier Meat is Easier to Digest

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 09/12/2021

Do you have a problem digesting meat, or is the meat just not fatty enough? Check this out!


0:00 Fatty meat vs. lean meat

0:22 What kind of ground beef should I consume?

0:35 Why is fatty meat easier to digest?

1:15 Poor digestion with age

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Today we’re going to talk about why fattier meat is easier to digest than lean meat. Some people may think they have a problem digesting red meat when the red meat they are consuming is just too lean.

If you’re going to consume ground beef, get the ground beef that’s 70-80%. If possible, also get grass-fed organic ground beef. The big reason why it’s easier to digest fattier hamburger meat is because of the fat.

The more fat that’s in the protein, the more delayed the digestion is. This means it sits in your small intestine longer, and the enzymes can do their work to help you digest the protein and the fat. If the protein is leaner, it goes through the digestive tract much faster.

As you age, you may want to add betaine hydrochloride to your meals (2-6). This can increase the acidity in your stomach and help you digest protein.

As you get older, you start losing your ability to make hydrochloric acid. This can create huge consequences not just for digesting protein but also when it comes to absorbing minerals and killing pathogens.






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