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Weight Loss After Pregnancy Takes a Little Longer

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

You are now holding your bouncing baby boy in your arms, and it is the most beautiful thing you have ever laid your hands on. All is smooth apart from that pound or pounds you gained during the pregnancy, and you can’t help but think about how on earth you can get rid of it.

As you do the necessary to lose weight, it is normal that you expect results soon, if not the soonest. After delivery, most women engage in all activities possible to regain their original shapes. For those who use pills, it is essential that they make very keen research on them because experts have put across that no pill can perform magic in losing weight. One who expects clean results should always opt for the natural means.

The whole process of pregnancy is normally expected to take 9 months; one begins gaining weight immediately as this process commences. This basically means that it is a bit challenging to get rid of all the extra pounds within two or so weeks. There are so many changes that your body has experienced by the time you are ready to give birth; so you will have to get used to taking baby steps. What most people and women in particular fail to understand is the difference in body hormones. Bodies react very differently and this is a fact beyond human ability.

As long as you ensure that you are on the right track of weight loss after pregnancy, you need not worry for expected results are about to reveal sooner or later. You could as well set a daily schedule that will keep you on the move every day to ensure persistence in the process. Some psychological methodology also goes a long way in this process. At times, take some time to hold your baby in front of a mirror and console yourself on the wonderful reason that resulted in your current weight.

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