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Weight Loss After Giving Birth

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

There are several measures for weight loss after giving birth that can be used by mothers. One of the most important things that you have to take note of when using any of the tips highlighted below is that at this stage, you are still vulnerable to lots of hazards. This requires that the weight loss process has to occur in a more gradual manner. Handle the processes with patience to ensure that you are able to lose weight effectively without causing any harm to your body and that of the baby.

Below are some tips on weight loss after giving birth:

Avoid dieting.
Going on any official diet program during this time may not be able to effectively help in weight loss after giving birth. In fact, most women who get back to eating healthy and for their hunger have been able to discover that the weight comes off just naturally. For you to lose weight effectively after giving birth, ensure that you are not dipping below 1,800 calories per day.

Take part in aerobics and strength training.
Light aerobics can be able to help in burning the excess fats in your belly after giving birth. Strength training, on the other hand, will assist in keeping your bones and muscles strong. You do not have to necessarily go to the gym every day in order to take part in the exercises but taking a walk across the home with your child for a few minutes could just do the trick. Also, do some light exercises to enhance your muscles.

For the weight loss process to be quite effective, you also need to breastfeed your baby often. Breastfeeding is one of the ways through which you are able to burn the extra fats in your belly. Drink lots of water, too, in order to avoid dehydration.


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