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Vegetables with Virtually ZERO Net Carbs

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/30/2023

There are certain vegetables that have virtually zero carbs! Check this out.


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1:10 Vegetables that have almost zero carbs

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It’s interesting that there are actually certain vegetables with virtually zero carbs. I’m talking about net carbs because fiber is a carb. But, fiber doesn’t affect blood sugars. These vegetables are high in phytonutrients and have all sorts of amazing properties. Of course, the lower the carb, the more keto-friendly it is too.

The only time that consuming vegetables may not be a good idea is if you had a serious gut inflammatory situation. But, for most people, I believe it’s good to consume foods that are as low on the carbohydrate scale as possible.

Vegetables with almost zero carbs (1 cup):

Broccoli: Carb — 1.1g Fiber — 1.1g Sugar — 0 Net carb — 0 Calories — 8.8

Baby beet greens: Carb — 7.9g Fiber — 7.9g Sugar — 0 Net carb — 0 Calories — 39

Endive: Carb — 2.2g Fiber — 2.2g Sugar — 0 Net carb — 0 Calories — 9

Collard greens: Carb — 10 Fiber — 9 Sugar — 1 Net carb — 1 Calories — 65

Romaine lettuce: Carb — 3.1g Fiber — 2g Sugar — 1.1g Net carb — 1.1g Calories — 16

Bok choy: Carb — 3 Fiber — 1.7g Sugar — 1.3g Net carb — 1.3g Calories — 20

When NOT to Eat Vegetables: https://youtu.be/Obg2sITsM-c

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