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Amazing Arugula 6 Benefits

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg April 18, 2021

Check out these amazing benefits of arugula! 



0:00 Arugula 

0:35 Arugula benefits 

3:03 Bulletproof your immune system *free course! 


Let’s talk about the amazing benefits of arugula. Arugula is an amazing vegetable. I personally like arugula more than spinach or other types of lettuce, and I have it on a regular basis. 

Arugula naturally has a great flavor and doesn’t need much added to it. Sometimes I will add some high-quality extra virgin olive oil and a little bit of a vinaigrette to it. 

Potential benefits of arugula: 

• It has anti-cancer properties 

• It’s high in calcium, potassium, folate, vitamin C, vitamin K1, and pre-vitamin A

• It’s low in oxalates 

• It has a great flavor (peppery, spicy, hot, sweet) 

• It’s great for the cardiovascular system 

• It has anti-inflammatory properties 

• It may help decrease the risk of clotting 

• It has been know to increase libido and help with ED 






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