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Understanding Protein and Fat Burning

By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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High protein diets are popular with consumers for weight loss. When a person eats protein for weight loss they have to watch fat content. Some protein foods are high in fat and do not help burn fat. The best sources come from lean meats, fish, beans, and poultry. Beans in moderation are great sources of protein but are high in carbohydrates. Beans turn to sugar and often fat.

Fish is the best source of protein for a weight loss diet. Fish and seafood with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Lean meat with vegetables works to burn fat in the body. When you eat a piece of steak don't load up on potatoes and rice. Instead serve a salad with a vegetables to burn the fat in the body.

Protein often make you feel full so this cuts down on the amount of food you eat. Too much protein is not good you have to balance it with other food groups. Yogurt and cheese are good sources of protein in moderation for a snack or late night treat. Whole grains have little protein and high carbohydrates that turn into sugar. Sugar often turns into fat.

Eliminate the amount of bread and pasta that you eat even if it is whole wheat. Moderation is usually taught but this is not good with refined carbs or sugar, but only with protein. Still fish is one of the best sources of fat burning protein and can be consumed daily if you want. Vegetable like kale have 16 percent protein and provide vitamins and minerals.

Eggs are good source of protein but high in fat. A few times a week for breakfast with some fruit or vegetables is adequate. Don't forget to exercise t walking, swimming, biking or going to the gym burns fat. There are many different considerations to ponder when using protein in a diet for weight loss so measure portions and look for lean sources with little fat.


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