Tips for Weight Loss After Pregnancy

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023
Although gaining weight during the pregnancy period is inevitable, losing it after the delivery is neither automatic nor easy. A woman should expect to lose only up to 10 pounds compared to the 20 to 35 pounds that are gained. If not lost, this weight will not only ruin your shape but will also be associated with overweight problems later in life. The mistake that most ladies make is being in a hurry to lose weight which means they strain their bodies and they think they lost weight, it is just dehydration weight loss as opposed to the healthy fatty weight loss which is healthy. The following tips should be considered:
• Take some time after childbirth to relax, say, for four weeks. Do not exercise or indulge in heavy activities at this time. You body needs to naturally recover from childbirth and lose the 10 pounds of extra weight naturally. Take this period to initiate tender care of the baby. Losing weight at this time affects milk supply and initial development stages of the baby.
• Diet and eating
Women should not diet immediately after giving birth and during the entire breastfeeding period. Focus on taking a well-balanced diet. Avoid excess sugar and fats and eat foods that are rich in fiber, which will make you full faster during a meal. A lot of fluids, especifically water and milk, should be drank. Fruit juice is not recommended because of its high sugar content and having less nutrition.
• Exercise tips
After around six weeks, the woman is then able to do physical workouts after healing. Begin with light exercises like daily walking and swimming, then add jogging and intensive stretching exercises. It is not recommended to start with gym workouts immediately unless you have been exercising during the pregnancy period.
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