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The Real Problem With Weight Loss Is Not Laziness

By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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The Real Problem with Weight Loss is Not Laziness

One of the worst thing a person can do is self-diagnosis or give the wrong diagnosis.

Like, you may say, “I’m too lazy or tired.” Or a friend might say, “Oh, you’re just lazy.” That’s not true. People are not just naturally lazy people. In fact, it’s not that you have low willpower or you are a procrastinator.

Let’s see, what the real reasons are:

1. They don’t see results. Anyone that don’t see results are going to give up. That’s a normal thing that occurs. No results are a symptom of something else.

You’re not getting results because the problem is a metabolism not a weight problem.

You want to find what the problem is.

For example: if you have an adrenal body type, you will hold weight in the mid-section. If it’s the liver body type, you will have a pot belly. If it’s an ovary body type, you will hold weight around the waste and thighs – also known as saddle bags. If it’s a thyroid body type, you will gain weight all over. Go deeper to see. Maybe your hormones are off.

2. Cravings - It is impossible to do a long term eating plan when you have cravings. When you are craving it means that your body is not burning fat it is burning more carbs are sugar.

When you are burning fat you are not craving anything. When you are burning sugar you want more sugar, because the sugar is low and it wants to be replaced. It’s not because you are lazy it’s that you crave the wrong things because your blood sugar is messed up.

The underlined caused is because you don’t have enough potassium in your body to regulate the sugars.

That’s why I recommend the kale shake or 7 cups of vegetables per days and watch the cravings go down to zero. It only takes 3 days. Try it.

3. You might say you’re not motivated to exercise and you are lazy. That’s not true. Most people are too exhausted to exercise - they are too tired.

They are not healthy enough to exercise. I don’t recommend exercise if you are too tired.

Other people say, “Oh you need exercise to get energy.” Yeah, to spike your adrenaline and the next day you are going to feel like crap.

We want to get energy to make you feel like you want to exercise. The way you do that is to get more sleep.

4. Stress eaters - One way to relieve stress is to eat certain foods. When you are eating certain refine carbohydrate or sugars, all it is doing is manipulating certain hormones that are releasing stress.

When you are tired, hungry or stress you are going to be more reactive and you are not even thinking about it, you just want to hurry up and solve the problem.

Stress eaters have adrenal burnout and are constant looking for ways to release stress. Instead of eating carbs or sugars go for more fatty foods like eggs, cheese, butter and bacon – these things will not increase fat it will actually satisfy you more and is a great substitute for carbs. You can also use alternative sugars like stevia



Stress eaters are burnt out and they have to increase their ability for their adrenal so that their stress goes down. So, you know you are not lazy. That’s the wrong diagnosis. You’re just tired, a stress eater, metabolism is slow or your blood sugar is low – that is the real underlined cause.

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