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The Healthiest Cookies in the World

By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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The Healthiest Cookie Recipe

From the ebook, "Dr. Berg's Healthy Fat Burning Recipes"



8 ounces (2 sticks) of butter (Organic – or my favorite; Kerrygold Irish Butter)

4 Tbs. of xylitol (sweetener) (get on or at the health food store)

2 cups of almond flour

2 cups of pecans or as an option (macadamia nuts, which are more difficult to get)

1 Chocolate Bar (3.5 ounces) – must be diabetic chocolate (I like Simply Lite – from Trader Joes)

1 pinch of sea salt

2 tsp of vanilla extract


the-healthiest-cookies-in-the-world - Wishing%20you%20a%20Happy%20New%20Year%20full%20of%20love,%20light%20and%20laughter!



Preheat oven at 325 degrees.

Leave butter out of the refrigerator overnight – must be soft.


the-healthiest-cookies-in-the-world - IMG_2140.JPG


Mix the butter (8 ounces) with the xylitol (4 Tbs) by hand.


the-healthiest-cookies-in-the-world - 013.JPG


Crush the pecans (in grinder, food processor or in a bag with a rolling pin). Make sure it’s 2 cups in the final product. 


the-healthiest-cookies-in-the-world - 017.JPG


Breakdown (or grind) the chocolate bar (3.5 ounces) in a food processor or other means.


the-healthiest-cookies-in-the-world - IMG_2135.JPG


Mix thoroughly the now sweetened butter, almond flour (2 cups), crushed pecans (2 cups), crushed chocolate bar, pinch of sea salt, 2 Tsp of vanilla extract in a bowel. You could as an option have your food processor mix it instead.


the-healthiest-cookies-in-the-world - 018.JPGthe-healthiest-cookies-in-the-world - 019.JPG


Form little balls with your hands and roll them in some almond flour, placing them on a cookie sheet with parchment paper.


the-healthiest-cookies-in-the-world - 020.JPGthe-healthiest-cookies-in-the-world - 021.JPG


Cook for 13 minutes; then let sit for 10 minutes, and place in the freezer until frozen.


Plan B: Take these cookies to the next level

Instead of adding the chocolate inside, melt it and pour it over the top ----wow!!!


the-healthiest-cookies-in-the-world - 016


Mistakes & Discoveries: I tried several versions and made lots of mistakes.

1. If you want to take it to the next level of yummy…add 2 tbs. of Yacon Syrup (extremely low glycemic index).

2. The reason these cookies are balls instead of flat is because they do not have the normal gluten in wheat to provide the glue – no glue, they can easily fall apart. This is why I had to let them completely cool down or they will crumble and disintegrate. I also put them in the freezer, make them solid and we’re good to go. Consuming them cold and slightly frozen is much tastier than consuming them warm or even in the refrigerator.

3. I also found that using “no sugar” milk chocolate works better than dark chocolate.  

4. Almond flour works better than almond meal.

5. I also found that if you substitute crushed pecan with crushed macadamia nuts or crushed cashew nuts (same amounts), it adds a very rich and also crazy delicious flavor. If you do this, make sure you do not add that pinch of salt, because macadamia nuts and cashews already come with salt.

6. Break up or blend the chocolate bar in the food processor separately, before you add it to the mixture. Leaving them in chunk form also works, because it gives a more interesting sensation when you bite into them.

7. Using vanilla extract taste better than almond extract.

8. The other mistake I made was to melt the butter on the stove. You should take the butter out of the refrigerator and let it be soft naturally, but not melted on heat.

I also tried them raw instead of baking and it did taste like cookie dough, but it’s much better when baked – I think because the heat roasts the nuts and make them more amazing.

I like this recipe a lot, because it is another way to consume healthy butter (grass-fed). And because it’s so rich, you will not be able to eat many at a time. But it will give you something very satisfying to snack to avoid junk foods.


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