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The Biggest Weight Loss Mistake

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

The Biggest Weight Loss Mistake

Dr. Berg talks about the biggest mistake people make in weight loss —  following recommendations from the biggest 'experts' or from the 'authorities' in the field. 

In the case of weight loss, it would be the Obesity Society (http://www.obesity.org/home). The Obesity Society is known for being one of the most scientifically-based websites when it comes to weight loss with leading peer-reviewed journals and top researchers.

These organizations have become politically corrupted, as you can see in the links below. One of the engagement groups of the Obesity Society is called the Food Industry Engagement Council (FIEC). In the link below, you can see the members: PepsiCo, Inc., Dannon, Nestle, Mars Inc., and Monsanto. 


On http://www.treatobesityseriously.org and https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/adult/causes.html, they falsely classify obesity as a disease rather than a symptom of poor habits. One of their recommendations for 'treating' obesity is to consume whole grains which have a lot of starch and Fat Storing Hormone and very little vitamin content. They also recommend drug therapy and surgery!

So, here’s a final tip for you: If you want to lose weight, find out what the 'authorities' are doing, and do the exact opposite.

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