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The BEST Foods that Make You Lose the Most Weight - Dr. Berg

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg January 08, 2022

Check out this comprehensive list of the best foods for weight loss.

Cloud Bread Recipe: /ketogenic-diet-meals-recipes/keto_breads/keto-cloud-bread

0:00 Introduction: What are the best foods for weight loss? 

0:12 Why these foods help you lose weight

1:12 Best proteins for weight loss 

1:55 Best drinks for weight loss

2:00 Other ingredients great for weight loss

2:10 Best alternative sweeteners for weight loss 

2:16 Best citrus for weight loss 

2:26 Best fats for weight loss

5:12 Best carbohydrates for weight loss 

7:34 Best kinds of cheese for weight loss 

7:55 Other great foods to help you lose weight

9:28 Learn how to do Keto 

Today, I will cover the absolute best foods to lose weight. These foods support weight loss because they have the least effect on insulin. 

Insulin, even in tiny amounts, will block weight loss. Insulin is a hormone that converts the carbs you eat into fat—it's the fat-making hormone. The foods on this list will barely trigger insulin. 

Just be sure to have a moderate amount of protein (7g-8g per meal). If you want to lose weight fast, only consume two meals a day or even one meal a day. 

It's important to keep in mind that pure fat doesn't affect insulin, and the only carbohydrate that does not trigger insulin is fiber. 

Best proteins for weight loss (lookout for hidden sugar)  

• Eggs 

• Beef 

• Lamb

• Chicken 

• Pork 

• Veal 

• Duck 

• Hot dogs 

• Sausage 

• Deli meats 

• Organ meats

• Dried meats

• Pork rinds   


Best drinks for weight loss:

• Tea 

• Coffee 

• Water   


Best fats for weight loss:

• Butter/ghee 

• Lard

• Tallow 

• Coconut oil 

• Olive oil 

• Mayonnaise 

• Avocados

• Avocado oil 

• MCT oil 

• Whole cream 


Other ingredients great for weight loss:

• ACV (apple cider vinegar)

• Seasonings 

• Mustard 


Best alternative sweeteners for weight loss:

• Monk fruit 

• Stevia 

• Erythritol 


Best citrus for weight loss:

• Lemons 

• Limes 


Best carbohydrates for weight loss:

• Olives 

• Spinach 

• Mushrooms 

• Sprouts 

• Celery 

• Cucumbers 

• Arugula 

• Lettuce 

• Bok choy 

• Watercress 

• Asparagus 

• Pickles 

• Zucchini 

• Cauliflower 


Best cheeses for weight loss:

• Gouda 

• Blue cheese 

• Cream cheese 

• Parmesan 

• Brie 


Other great foods to support weight loss:

• Cheese wraps 

• Konjac noodles 

• Slim rice 

• Knox Jello 

• Cloud bread


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