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What are Carbohydrates

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Carbohydrates have earned themselves a bad reputation in the nutrition world over the last decade. Much like excess fats and sugars, most of us are well aware that we should abstain from too many carbohydrates in our diet; but why? What makes carbohydrates, like breads and pastas, a diet killer?

Well, to begin to understand carbohydrates, we must understand grains. Grains are seeds of grasses. These seeds are refined and used to create flour and lose all of their nutritional value within the first six days due to oxidation. Once refined, grains can create excess sugar which is directly related to added pounds. Therefore, by the time your loaf of bread makes it to the shelf of your local market, it has very little to no dietary benefit.

While there are healthier options when it comes to choosing bread and pasta such as a whole wheat option, whole wheat grains tend to be sprayed with more pesticides than the average. This makes white bread and whole wheat bread almost equally as deficient in nutritional value.

An addiction to bread can lead to more than extra pounds. Packing your diet with too many refined carbohydrates like bread, pasta, crackers, and biscuits can cause a B vitamin deficiency. A B vitamin deficiency can effect your cardiovascular health and cause heart problems.

There are a wealth of bread and traditional carbohydrate substitutes on the market that, once your diet has kick started, can satiate your craving for carbs while keeping your waist slim. One of the great options that is also kid friendly is Ezekiel bread. This bread is wheat free and is made of sprouted grains. By using sprouts, manufactures make bread that is chock full of nutritional value. Since it is alive and raw, it should be frozen or refrigerated to preserve it. Unlike heavily processed breads and pastas that sit on grocery store shelves for months at a time without going bad, Ezekiel bread is fresh and preservative free which is nothing short of amazing for your diet and weight loss journey.

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