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How to Test for Insulin Resistance

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 09/26/2021

It's important to know how to test for insulin resistance. Check this out!


0:00 What is insulin? 

0:40 What is insulin resistance?

1:11 Signs of insulin resistance 

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Let's talk about how to test for insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone that prevents sugar from building up too high in your blood. For example, if you consume too many carbs and your blood sugar rises too high, insulin comes in and removes it to help keep the blood sugars at a constant level.

Normally, sugar is used as fuel in the body. But, with insulin resistance, sugar is converted into fat. One of the purposes of insulin is to prevent fat-burning and encourage fat-storing. 

Insulin resistance is a situation where insulin is not working, so the body has to compensate by making more and more insulin. With insulin resistance, carbohydrates are not burned easily. Instead, they are shunted to the liver, where they start to develop fat within the liver. 

Indications of insulin resistance:

• High triglycerides in your blood 

• High LDL (specifically small-dense particles)

• Carb intolerance 

Symptoms of carb intolerance:

• Weight gain 

• Blood sugar levels are too high or too low

• Bloating after eating carbs 

• Fatigue after eating carbs 

• Craving carbs 

• You're hungry all of the time 

• Excessive urination at night 

• Moodiness 

• Irritability 

• Loss of focus, concentration, and memory

There is also a really good test that you can do to determine if you have insulin resistance. Many doctors are not familiar with this test, but it is called HOMA-IR. This is the best objective test to measure insulin resistance. 

This test looks at the relationship between two things, your fasting blood glucose and your fasting blood insulin. This test tells you to what degree you have insulin resistance.

To help get rid of insulin resistance, get on the ketogenic diet and do intermittent fasting. 




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