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The 7 Keto Common Myths and Lies

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/30/2023

Save yourself from eating the wrong foods by reading this list of common myths on the keto diet.

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Common Myths About the Keto Diet  

1. No Long-Term Studies on Keto

Yes, there are long-term studies. In the last 50 years, we've been doing a long-term study or, shall I say, an experiment, on the human population with high amounts of carbohydrates, refined carbohydrates, sugar, and low fat. And, look at where it has got us: a higher risk of diabetes, prediabetes, and symptoms of metabolic syndrome. We know that doesn't work. But keto is very healthy if you do it healthily and you know what you're doing. 

2. Dangerous for Kidneys Because It's High in Proteins

First of all, the ketogenic diet is not high in protein. It has a moderate amount of protein which is exactly what you need. It's not like the Atkins diet.

Atkins Diet Definition: A weight loss eating plan that promotes low-carb but high-fat and high-protein foods. 

3. Adverse Reactions

Picture showing sick woman sneezing at home | The 7 Keto Common Myths and Lies

Some people think that a person may experience some sick days, like getting bad breath, keto flu or disease, and keto rash. Or, the performance in muscle exercises is not that great when on the ketogenic diet. Well, adverse reactions only happen if you have nutritional deficiencies, specifically potassium and B vitamin deficiencies. Take nutritional yeast tablets to get more B vitamins, and eat more vegetables to get more potassium. By doing this, you will avoid having adverse reactions on keto. 

4. We Need Carbs

No, we don't need carbs, and this is a keto truth. There's no such thing as an essential carbohydrate. Our bodies, our brain, and our heart can easily run on ketones, which, by the way, is a preferred fuel source. Though, certain parts of the brain, the red blood cells, and the eye do need glucose. But it's a very small amount - and you can get it from the protein and fats you eat. Our liver has the capacity to make glucose from protein or lipids through a process called gluconeogenesis.

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5. Slow Metabolism

This is just a blatant lie. A high-carbohydrate diet will slow your metabolism because it increases Fat Storing Hormone levels. Fat Storing Hormone not only converts sugar to fat, but also blocks your ability to lose fat or use fat as fuel. If you'll go on a low-calorie diet, that will slow down your metabolism. The ketogenic diet is very healthy, and it will speed up your metabolism.

In fact, the clients I have who have the worst metabolism finally got rid of weight gain with this program because we're combining it with intermittent fasting. We're dropping Fat Storing Hormone, making the metabolism a lot faster.

6. High Fat Is Dangerous

Pretty young woman enjoying a slice of bacon | The 7 Keto Common Myths and Lies

This is another lie among the common myths about keto. No, there's no study that shows high-fat diets are dangerous to the body. If you read the studies that link high-fat diets to body problems, you're going to find, in small print, the food they fed the mice always had a higher amount of carbohydrates, like 23 grams of liquid sugar, with the high-fat diets. It's always a high fat and high carbohydrate so there’s really no conclusive report that high amounts of fat are harmful to the body. Fats are very safe for the body if you don't add extra carbohydrates. 

7. Not Sustainable

Yes, it is sustainable, and that’s one truth about keto. It's going to get rid of your cravings, and you're not going to be as hungry. You're going to have a lot more energy, and your mood will be better. You can do a keto diet long term. The healthy keto plan is something you can do your whole life without any complications or side effects. 

Save yourself from these common myths and misconceptions about keto diet. Sign up for membership and get access to keto diet modules that will help you shape up and/or lose weight! The last thing you want is believing in more diet myths that will just bounce you right back to where you started.

What other keto diet common myths have you read or heard? Share them in the comments section so I can explain them for you.

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