Reducing Cortisol

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Reducing Cortisol

A lot of people are walking around with problems with their adrenal and they don’t know it. I want to start by explaining cortisol.

Cortisol is a stress hormone and it helps you survive. If you have too much of cortisol, you will drain out your anti-inflammatory.

Cortisol is normally an anti-inflammatory hormone. If you have sustain stress over many years, the cortisol becomes depleted and start running out of your anti-inflammatory which will cause chronic pain and soreness called fibromyalgia.

Cortisol is one of the only thing that gets rid of anti-inflammatory. But, you might say, “I don’t want a lot of cortisol because it causes body fat. Why do I have belly fat and high anti-inflammatory?”  

It’s like Fat Storing Hormone you can have a lot of hormones in your body but it is not being received in the receptors. Same thing with cortisol, once you have high levels of stress for so many years, your body downgrades the receptors for cortisol not letting you absorb them.

It might work for body fat but not anti-inflammatory and allergies. You start developing sinuses and sleep-apnea. One of the things to counter that is Vitamin A which is in kale.

Other problems too much cortisol causes:

  • Increase neuro responsibility which is constant thinking that you can’t turn off.
  • Muscle wasting which is loss of muscle tone.
  • Craving salty foods.
  • Problems with bone and belly fat.
  • Problems with Hypertension
  • Problems with Sleeping
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