NEVER Hide These 5 Symptoms with Medications

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Don’t cover up these 5 symptoms with medications. Instead, try natural remedies to help with the root problems.

0:00 Introduction: Symptoms you shouldn’t cover up

0:12 Why we experience symptoms

0:45 #1 A stuffy nose

1:50 #2 Cold/flu

3:58 #3 Constipation

6:28 #4 Insomnia

9:30 #5 Fever

11:10 Check out my video on the immune system

There are five symptoms I believe you should never cover up with medications. Of course, check with your doctor before taking any action with this information.

Symptoms are one of the ways your body communicates to you. If you suppress the symptom, you cover up the communication.

Remember, a symptom is not the cause of the problem. It’s an indication that there is a problem.

Symptoms you shouldn’t cover up with medications:

1. A stuffy nose Remedies:

• Nasal rinses

• Using a nebulizer

• Garlic oil

• Iodine

• Black seed

• Sea salt

• Colloidal silver

2. Cold or flu Remedies:

• Vitamin D3

• Zinc

• Garlic

• Vitamin C

• Chicken soup

3. Constipation Remedies:

• Prebiotics

• Probiotics

• Sauerkraut

• Fermented vegetables

• Potassium

• MCT oil

• Purified bile salts

• Vitamin B1

• Intermittent fasting

4. Insomnia Remedies:

• Vitamin D3

• Physical work

• Infrared light

• Celery

• Calming your breathing

• Magnesium

5. Fever

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