The Myth About Vitamins

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/30/2023

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Are you aware that many vitamins are synthetic and not natural? Indeed, there are a good number of vitamins that are made with petroleum, and they only really benefit you for detoxification purposes. If you are given them in the doctors’ office, it is almost certain that these are synthetic and will not truly benefit you over the long term.

The key to getting the benefits from vitamins is to find supplements with not only all-natural ingredients, but with whole food ingredients. You need to find something that is high in phytonutrients, that is made with a whole-food concentrate and with low amounts of ascorbic acid. You need a lot of bioflavonoids that come from vitamin P.  Bioflavonoids can be found in organic berries like Hawthorn berries. You need vitamin J to help you with your breathing and also to help you fight off pneumonia. Vitamin C will provide you with copper, which can help produce collagen in your joints to keep you strong. Vitamin K aids in clotting for your blood.

All four of these vitamin factors should not be purchased individually in a synthetic, over-the-counter form. Rather, you should look for whole foods that have all of these ingredients in them. If you don’t consume the synthetic vitamins that have a lot of chemicals in them, you will prevent creating further deficiencies.


When trying to find whole foods with all these vitamins, you should consider fresh vegetables like kale, carrots, lettuce, and other foods that have been known to be good for your body.


The bottom line is this: don’t keep buying over-the-counter vitamin supplements and taking them for the long term. They won’t truly help you in any capacity. The best way to stay healthy and live a long, active life is to do your research on foods that are whole and high in vitamin concentrate. Then, purchase these foods and incorporate them into your daily meals. You will truly be surprised at the difference that occurs in your body when you switch from the consumption of synthetic vitamins to the more healthy choice of natural vitamins.


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