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Lose One Size in One Week

By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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Drop 1 Size in 1 Week, Guaranteed!

We are going to talk about how to drop (lose) one size in one week, guaranteed or your money back. (Kidding, you didn't pay anything.) Burning fat and weight loss depend on using multiple strategies put together as one.

5 Top Strategies That Work Together to Drop 1 Size in 1 Week

Follow ALL these 5 strategies together to increase the chances of you dropping some serious weight.

1. Intermittent Fasting

This is a technique – it’s a strategy using intermittent fasting. Every time you eat, you raise insulin. Insulin is the common denominator between whether or not you’re going to lose weight or not. Whether you’re going to burn fat or not burn fat.  So if the insulin levels are too high, you can forget about losing weight.

With fewer meals, not really less calories but fewer meals, this is going to help you reduce insulin and help you lose weight so I’m going to recommend two meals. 

You’ll spread them (meals) out equally – maybe for late morning and then for dinner. No snacking in between because we don’t want to raise insulin levels.

1. Protein (3 to 6 ounces), not too much but just enough.

2. A large amount of vegetables – we need these because as you get into the burning of fat, you need to flush all that fat out of your system and to not have just  a high-protein diet.

3. We’re doing a moderate amount of protein, a little smaller amount, a lot of vegetables, and we’re going to add some fat.  It’s almost impossible to  do this without adding some fat. Fat is one of the only foods that won’t raise insulin levels too much. So if you can take fat, it’s going to allow you to  go longer. Even if there are more calories, we don’t care about that. We care about insulin. We want to keep insulin low. So this is a really good combination of what to eat. 

So we have some protein, vegetables, and fat. No snacks. Two meals.

2. Sleep

You’re going to need sleep. Most burning of fat occurs when you are in deep sleep. You can’t do this with 5-6 hours of sleep. You need minimum of 8 hours. Even if you have to get a nap, that’s totally fine if you can do that. But we need to go for 8 hours.

There are two things I like to do to enhance my sleep:

  1. I do a lot of stretching before bed.
  2. I use Adrenal Night formula. This stuff is very powerful. It doesn’t have any melatonin. It basically supports the adrenal gland. It shuts off the adrenal gland. Normally, you only take one before bed. I will take two to really get that 8 hours of sleep. You won’t feel groggy. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and it will enhance the sleep.

3. Stress

If you’re going through stress, it’s going to be a barrier because stress activates the hormone called cortisol that blocks the burning of fat. What you may want to do is to list all your stressors – many will probably be related to people.

And you’re going to avoid those people for one week. And you’re going to see that you'll actually lose more weight. When you keep running into the stressful situation, the stressful people – it’s not helpful.

I also recommend not watching the news for one week. Watch the comedy. Read a book. We don’t want the stress to interfere with the sleep. We don’t want that negativity.

We want to do long walks. Walking is really good. Just getting some space. So that’s what we’re going to do for stress. There are a lot of other things but this will be helpful. And also, sleeping more will help reduce stress as well.

4. Exercise                                                                       

You may want to do high intensity, interval training. That means you want to work the whole body. Right now, I do a combination of biking when it’s not too cold, sprints, rock climbing, and deadlifts with good posture. You may want something that fits your interest.

You may want to do something that involves the full body, upper and lower body, short-duration, and high-intensity, but only do that every two days. We want to be able to get that recovery. All the benefits from exercise happen during the recovery.

You don’t want to do it every day unless you are really in shape. Even every other day might not be the best thing if you’ve been suffering from sleeplessness or stress. So really, it’s all kind of a juggle. I’ve taken people and decreased the frequency of their workouts and helped them lose a lot more weight. It’s quite interesting how all that works. It’s counterintuitive but it works.

On the days you’re not working out, go for long walks. Just walk and get space.

5. Nutrition

1. Sea Kelpactivates the thyroid and speeds up the metabolism. Only consume sea kelp in the morning. Take 1-2 in the morning. Take them in the little tablets. Don’t take them before you go to bed because it will keep you up at night. 

2. Potassium citrate: Now, they have potassium chlorate and citrate. I recommend getting potassium citrate. And whatever it says on the bottle, take it 5x. It’s going to be around 99 mg. So you’re going to take 500 mg. Now, that’s not even hardly a dent into the potassium requirements that you need. You need 4 700 mg a day.

So why are we recommending potassium citrate? This is because as you’re burning fat and getting into a ketogenic diet, you will be losing a little bit of potassium. You want to put the potassium in.

Benefits of potassium:

  • Lowers the need for insulin
  • Enhances your sleep
  • Prevents kidney stones
  • Relaxes the muscles and energy levels

So again, I don’t normally recommend one individual mineral without the others in the combination but we’re just talking about dropping some serious weight. And you don’t have to do this long-term.

3. Vegetables: It’s really difficult – I know it’s hard to believe – it’s difficult to get people to consume the amount of vegetables that they need. They need about 7-10 cups a day. I’m trying to get people to have 7 cups a day because they’re not getting their potassium. You need 7 to 10 cups of vegetables a day every day to get your potassium.

So we can enhance it a little bit short-term with the 5X potassium citrate. The only contraindication would be if you have a kidney disease, which is very highly unlikely. So you wouldn’t want to take the potassium then.

4. Nutritional yeast: Loaded with natural B vitamins, this helps handle stress, helps with excessive thinking and relaxes the adrenal glands. It will tie everything together in this plan. You can get nutritional yeast from the health food store.

These are the most powerful things you can do.

Now, you might have specific individual issues like bad menstrual cramps or a body issue or whatever…  if you have a more complex case and need more help, I think the most cost-effective way to do it is to sign up on my membership site.

I have a membership site that is inexpensive and you get my guidance and I actually give you lessons – a little bit each time – you actually go through one step at a time so it’s not confusing. (People get overwhelmed.)

So I like to kind of spoon-feed you so you can go from this point to this point slowly at your own pace and you can get the knowledge, get the results, and have me as a backup if you have questions… so I will put the link below.

Definitely check it out.

We’d love to have you as our member. I hope this was beneficial. Thank you so much for watching.

Dr. Eric Berg


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