Good Luck Trying to Get Vitamin D from Foods

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 11/18/2021

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Can you get enough vitamin D from food? No, and I'm going to prove it.


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It's important to know that you can't get the vitamin D you need from food.

I believe a good maintenance amount of vitamin D is 10,000IU. 10,000IU is not toxic, and there are specific reasons why you need that much. Check out my other videos on vitamin D for more information.

I want to share with you different foods that contain vitamin D, the quantity of vitamin D each of these foods contains, and how much of that specific food you would need to consume on a daily basis to achieve a good maintenance level of vitamin D (10,000IU).

3oz. Mackerel—1006IU—10 servings

3oz. Salmon (wild)—988IU—10 servings (30oz.)

1 cup Mushrooms (white)—732IU—14 cups

3oz. Trout—645IU—15 servings (42oz.)

3oz. Salmon (farm)—570IU—18 servings (54oz.)

1 tsp. Cod liver oil—448IU—22 tsp.

1 can Canned tuna—268IU—32 servings (129.5oz.)

3.5oz. Herring—216IU—46 servings (56oz.)

1 cup Yogurt—154IU—65 cups

3oz. Beef liver—42IU—238 servings (714oz.)

1 Egg yolk—37IU—270 eggs

While you should consume these foods, you shouldn't rely on them for vitamin D. It would be better to get your vitamin D from the sun or a supplement, and don't worry you cannot be allergic to the sun. You can be sensitive to the sun but not allergic.

Vitamin D Toxicity:

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