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Friendly Bacteria and Fungus Gut Relationship

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 06/12/2021

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Learn why bacteria and fungi help keep your body healthy.


0:00 Introduction

0:30 Gut microbiome terms explained

3:02 The benefits of fungus

4:13 Bacteria and fungi gut relationship explained

4:45 Natural remedies for infections

6:12 How to bulletproof your immune system

In this video, we’re going to talk about the relationship between bacteria, fungi, and your gut.

Many people assume that all of the gut microbes are bacteria. However, you also have viruses and fungi that work together to keep your gut healthy.

To better explain this topic, I want to go through the definitions of certain terms we will use.

Microbiome - A community of bacteria in your gut.

Mycobiome - A community of fungus in your gut.

Mutualism - Both species benefit from each other.

Commensalism - One species benefits while the other neither benefits nor is harmed.

Parasitism - One species takes and doesn’t give back, leading to harm. T

he mycobiome can be more complicated to understand because of the nature of fungi. Fungi are not as studied as bacteria because fungus can’t be cultured.

Both fungi and bacteria can be friendly in healthy condition but have pathogenic potential in unhealthy conditions. When you are given an antibiotic for a bacterial infection, you can potentially have a fungal infection.

When you are given an antibiotic for a fungal infection, you can potentially have a bacterial infection.

Fungi and bacteria keep each other in check. They help your body avoid pathogenic levels of a particular bacteria or fungus. You also have viruses in your gut that help keep bacteria in check.

These three remedies can help fight infection and promote a healthy biome:

• Oregano oil

• Gymnema

• Sccharomyces Cerisaie and Sccharomyces Boulardii

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