Exercise vs. Physical Work: What is Better for Sleep?

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/30/2023

Could housework or a hobby be better for your sleep than a workout at the gym? Find out!


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0:35 Exercise vs. physical work for sleep

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2:07 How to bulletproof your immune system 

In this video, we’re going to talk about exercise vs. physical work for better sleep.

Which is better for sleep—exercise or physical work? When I say physical work, I mean yard work, cleaning, building something, remodeling, and jobs that involve using a wide variety of muscles.

Both exercise and physical work increase your oxygen, muscle, and endurance and lower your stress. However, exercise is very predictable and repetitive, while physical work is more varied and asymmetrical.

Additionally, your focus while doing physical work isn’t on a repetitive physical motion—it’s focused on your project/job. This is why physical work is often more effective for stress reduction and mental health.

In summary, if you want to sleep better and reduce your stress, physical work is far more effective. This is a great excuse to work on a project you enjoy that involves physical activity.

I challenge you to try to do 1-2 hours of physical work around the house each day. See what it does for your sleep.

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