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Dr Berg Seminar on Body Types Part 2

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

In our last post we discussed the different body types and how understanding your body type can assist you in your weight loss goals. Each body type processes fat differently. We covered some of the basic information concerning the body type known as adrenal. Let’s continue to look at this body type.

You must first understand how exercise works toward eliminating fat.

The exercise activates the secretion of hormones 14-48 hours following the work out. These hormones are actually what cause the fat burn you are looking for.

Some of the characteristics of the adrenal body type might include the buffalo hump on the back, which is your body attempt to stabilize itself and keep the stomach from falling forward. Another characteristic is that when the adrenal body type ages they begin to lose muscle mass in their legs.

Adrenal body types will also store up old injuries such as mono, knee injuries and tail bone injuries. When adrenal body types age these types of injuries can reactivate the pain sensors in your brain. Mono can also be reactivated later in life resulting in fatigue in adrenal body types.

Another problem that adrenal body types have is that their bodies do not absorb calcium properly. Instead the calcium begins collecting in the eyes as cataracts, gall stones, artery plaguing among others.

Adrenal types also lose collagen in a way similar to thyroid body types. This results in thinning skin as you age. Adrenal body types also have issues with craving salty snacks. When you crave too much sodium it will result in water retention. This additional water weight will be visible in your ankles, you waist and in some people even in their faces.

The next body type we are going to discuss is the ovary body type. Obviously this is a body type special only to women, because men do not have ovaries and therefore do not have to deal with the symptoms that are associated with this body type. The weight usually collects in “saddle bags” and in the hips. When too much estrogen, which is produced in the ovaries, is present in the body is can cause a lot of problems. Estrogen can also be produced when we expose our bodies to things such as birth control pills and soy milk. There are also a lot of chemicals in the environment that can also trigger our bodies to produce too many hormones, like estrogen, resulting in problems in our health. Cruciferous vegetables, however, can help your body to process some of these toxins.

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