Do Spices and Herbs Have an Expiration Date?

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 11/18/2021

Do spices and herbs expire? Find out!


0:00 Introduction

0:10 Do spices expire?

0:22 Do herbs expire?

0:35 Do whole spices expire?

0:55 What happens when spices and herbs expire?

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Let’s talk about whether or not spices and herbs expire.

Spices are different blends of dried roots, bark, or stems. Spices typically last between two and three years.

Herbs are dried leaves, such as:

• Basil

• Oregano

• Thyme

• Rosemary

• Mint

• Bay leaves

• Dill

• Parsley

• Cilantro

• Sage

Herbs typically last between one and three years.

Then, there are whole spices, such as:

• Whole peppercorn

• Coriander

• Mustard seeds

• Fennel seeds

• Caraway seeds

• Cumin seeds

• Clove

• Cinnamon sticks

Whole spices can last four years or even longer. You could get these in the whole form and then use a grinder.

When herbs are past their expiration date, they still may be fine to use. However, they may lose flavor, potency, and color. They won’t make you sick unless there is mold growing in the product.

Be sure to store herbs in a glass sealed bottle with a tight-fitting lid and keep them in a dark, cool place. If you have oil seeds, like sesame seeds or poppy seeds, you may want to keep these in a refrigerator.



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