Diabetes Stats Soaring Worldwide Out of Control

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Worldwide, diabetes is out of control, including in the US.

Just take a look at these statistics in the countries with the highest rates of diabetes:

  • China: 150 million people, or 11% of the population has diabetes. 493 million are pre-diabetic. That’s equivalent to twice the population of the entire US. Hands down, China has the most number of people with diabetes in the world.
  • India: 69 million people, or 7.3% of the population, are diabetic. 77 million people are pre-diabetic.
  • Saudi Arabia: 3.8 million people, the equivalent of an astounding 18.5% of the population, are diabetic. This is the highest percentage of population of any country in the world.
  • Mexico: 13 million people have diabetes. That’s a sobering 14.8% of the population! In Mexico, diabetes is the leading cause of death.
  • United States: 30 million people have diabetes. That’s 9.4% of the population. Another 84.1 million people are pre-diabetic. This is completely and utterly unnecessary!

In this article, I’ll cover the:


The 4 Most Debilitating Health Dangers That Diabetes Puts You At Risk For

a chart showing the complications of diabetes

When you have chronically high blood sugar, which is what happens with diabetes, there are 4 main potential dangers to your health:

  1. Damage to the retina in your eyes
  2. Diseases of your heart and blood vessels
  3. Kidney damage and disease
  4. Profound damage to your nervous system. This includes the peripheral nerves in your feet and fingers, along with the central nervous system in your brain. You can develop Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and even increase your risk of cancer.

So, it’s quite obvious that preventing or even potentially reversing type 2 diabetes should be one of your primary health goals for a long, healthy life.

The Advice You’ve Heard From This Mainstream Organization Is Flawed

Let’s find out what the American Diabetes Association (ADA) advises you about type 2 diabetes.

Curiously, the organization’s literature cites delaying or preventing type 2 diabetes. But I don’t want to delay it; I want to prevent it entirely! Then, according to the ADA, there are only 3 things you need to do. They are:

  1. Do daily physical exercise, such as walking
  2. Lose weight
  3. Take medication

That’s it. These three actions are supposed to delay or prevent diabetes.

But let’s take a closer look to see what’s missing. Do you know what it is?

This is the key piece of advice that’s missing

The reduction of carbohydrates.

a sign reading low carb diet with the words made from low carb foods

When I click on the link from the American Diabetes Association site that takes me to their recommended eating plan, I find a diagram that suggests eating vegetables and so-called healthy oils like canola, corn, and soy. This plan warns against eating saturated fats, and makes no distinction between healthy saturated fats and unhealthy ones. It also suggests many fruits, or substituting fruit with juice - even though juice has high amounts of sugar, even more than soda.

Just imagine what dropping a sugar bomb like fruit juice into your system does to your blood sugar and Fat Storing Hormone levels.

But to me, the most egregious recommendation is the one to eat whole grains.

First of all, why would you encourage someone with diabetes to eat whole grains that are high in carbohydrates? They turn into sugar during digestion, and will also spike your blood sugar.

Second, whole grains are loaded with lectins, which can cause inflammation as well as additional problems related to spiking your blood sugar and causing Fat Storing Hormone resistance.

Yet the recommendation is to have one-fourth of your plate be whole grains. I find that unbelievable.

As well, the plan says to limit refined grains that are loaded with carbs, like white rice and white bread. Not eliminate, but simply limit them.

The best advice in this plan says to choose fish, poultry, beans, and nuts. Then goes on to say you should limit red meat and cheese, while avoiding bacon, cold cuts, and other processed meats, which is misleading and based on outdated thinking.

If you want to learn what kind of food you truly should eat to prevent diabetes, keep reading.


This Is The Best Eating Plan To Prevent Or Potentially Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

The best way of eating to lower your carbohydrates yet support your health by lowering your Fat Storing Hormone and blood sugar levels is the Healthy KetoTM diet.

a pie chart showing the amount of fat, protein, and carbs on keto

On this diet, you’ll discover how to lower your carbohydrates without compromising your health, by eating healthy fats and moderate amounts of protein. Healthy KetoTM requires that you eat significant amounts of vegetables - 7 to 10 cups per day, most easily consumed as a large salad.

I know this amount is off putting for some of you. If this is you, take heart! I’ve created a smoothie recipe for you.

When you follow a Healthy KetoTM way of eating, you can lower your Fat Storing Hormone and blood sugar to healthy levels, potentially preventing or even reversing type 2 diabetes - just like these people did.


Time To Move Beyond Flawed Advice

I know you’ve been inundated with advice from the American Diabetes Association that perhaps has made you hesitant to try something very different.

I understand your concern.

Yet what I strongly suggest is to give the keto diet a try for at least a couple of months, and see how you feel.

There’s no need for you to be one of the millions of people living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. You can take control of your health, starting right now.

What are you waiting for?

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