DHEA and Menopause

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/30/2023

Watch this quick video to learn more about DHEA and menopause!


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Today we’re going to talk about DHEA and menopause. There are therapeutic benefits of DHEA for men, but in this video, we’re going to focus on the benefits of DHEA for women.

DHEA is a steroid hormone precursor. Cholesterol is a precursor for DHEA, and DHEA is a precursor for estrogen, androgens, and other steroid hormones. DHEA is one of the most abundant circulating steroids in the body, but DHEA diminishes by 70-80% with age. So, the older you get, the less estrogen and androgens you’re going to have.

DHEA is sold as a supplement or as a medication. You can increase your DHEA naturally by exercising, fasting, and calorie restriction. Having enough DHEA can also help protect against insulin resistance.

It’s important if taking DHEA to start out with very low amounts (10mg-30mg per day). If you take too much, you can end up making too many androgens. You don’t want to take DHEA if you have too much estrogen or androgens. If you have PCOS, you wouldn’t want to take DHEA.

High androgens in females can cause:

• Acne

• Oily skin

• Increased body hair

DHEA is used:

• For adrenal insufficiency

• With menopausal hormone therapy

• To treat painful sexual intercourse due to vaginal atrophy

• To increase libido


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