The Thyroid Estrogen Connection

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

The Thyroid-Estrogen Connection

I will explain the connection and relationship between hypothyroid, estrogen, and pregnancy.

If you ask someone that has hypothyroid and what type of period they have, they would say it is heavy, crampy, or excessive bleeding.

The reason is because of estrogen dominance situation and high estrogen blocking the thyroid gland.

When a woman gets pregnant, the estrogen also goes up and the thyroid goes down and someone that are borderline hyperthyroid ends up with having a severe hypothyroid.

When women go into the pregnancy with hypothyroid, they have to take more of the medication because of the estrogen situation.

What to Do

I recommend that you support natural things like avoiding soy especially in your diet such as soy milk.

Cruciferous is a very anti-estrogenic type of food. You can take it in pill form. I have cruciferous concentrated. It is called, Whole Cruciferous Food which would help clean up some of the liver and would help your estrogen.

You can also take Ovary Support Formula for overly active ovaries and if it is a mentrual cycle problem because this formula would help your period become more regular – less intense and less bleeding.

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