Change Your Thoughts Change Your Shape

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Shape

I have positive affirmations you can use that will help shift the way you think to help you lose weight.

Positive affirmations:

  • “If I crave, I will find a reason.”There is always a cause for your cravings. I expect you to have cravings.

  • “If weight loss is slow, I will improve my health.” - If you just improve your health each day, you will see weight loss.

  • “Eating for health will keep me out of trouble.” - Most people eat for pleasure and that keeps them in trouble. Don’t wait until you have a health problem.

  • “I am in total control of my eating.” - You control your eating.

  • “I won’t starve if I stop eating.” - You won’t starve if you don’t eat everything on your plate. When you are full, stop.

  • “I build self-discipline through consistency.” You build yourself through winning and staying consistent; if you say no to something once it starts to weaken you.

  • “I only put healthy things in my body.

  • “I can lose weight if I get healthy.

  • “If things don’t work, I find out why. - There is always a reason why you are not losing weight. Taking this quiz will help. Some people are not losing weight because they are gaining and healing their muscle density. Some people have to get more sleep before they lose the weight. Search for the deeper reason. Don’t give up.

  • “If things get complex, I simplify.” - Anything complex is a lie and anything that is simple is truthful. Keep it basic every time.

  • “Overwhelmed means I need to plan more.” - Plan the whole week out before you start losing weight, not just jump in there. Take tiny little steps.

  • “When tempted, I find a substitute.” - Make sure you have chocolate with stevia. There are ice cream and pizza substitute recipes on my website. Focus on the substitute of the things you gravitate to.

  • “I’m not a victim; I cause my health.” - If you have a health or weight problem, look at yourself on how it was created. If you think you are a victim, you can’t fix it. If you take full responsibility of your health, you will be empowered.


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