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Avoid Sardines with Soybean Oil

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 06/11/2021
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>This toxic oil could be hiding in your sardines!


>0:00 > Introduction

>0:26 > Why you should avoid sardine with soybean oil

>2:32 > Bulletproof your immune system *free course!

>In this video, we’re going to talk about why you should avoid sardines with soybean oil.

>I recently bought some sardines that I thought were in olive oil. However, it turns out that it was actually in soybean oil (I’ll be careful to check next time!).

>Always check the package to make sure that your sardines are in olive oil or water. Soybean oil is full of omega-6 fatty acids. This can nullify the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids naturally found in sardines.

>Soybean oil is the most used oil in America today. It’s also the second most used oil in the world.

>Soybean oil is used in everything from fast food to animal feed to canned foods.

>Research shows that soy oil can induce obesity and diabetes more than fructose. Soybean oil can also contribute to insulin resistance and fatty liver disease.

>Soybean oil affects the hypothalamus, reduces oxytocin, and influences over 100 genes in the brain.

>Because soybean oil is so heavily processed, it acts as a powerful oxidizer, it is estrogenic, and it can induce inflammation—especially in your arteries.

>If all of that isn’t bad enough, soybeans are also GMOs. This means they are exposed to the chemical glyphosate.

>In summary, make sure that your sardines do not contain soybean oil. Instead, choose sardines with water or olive oil.


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