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If you're having problems with bone on bone knee pain, then keep reading for three things you can do to help ease the ache and probably not undergo surgery anymore.

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  1. What Is Bone on Bone?
  2. Possible Solutions to Get Rid of Bone on Bone Knee Pain

What You Can Do to Remove Bone on Bone Knee Pain


What Is Bone on Bone?

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Before I discuss what you can do to eliminate bone on bone knee pain, let me first talk about what the condition really is. It is where there is a complete narrowing of your joint space as a result of the loss of cartilage. Cartilage wear and tear can result in less cushioning between the tip of the bones that form your joints. The natural gap between the bone ends decreases, which causes the bone ends to become closer. When there is cartilage loss, the bones eventually rub against each other and causes pain.


Possible Solutions to Get Rid of Bone on Bone Knee Pain

If your doctor diagnosed you with bone on bone knee pain, and you're not excited about getting surgery and want to postpone it as long as possible, there are some possible treatments you can try to fight the condition. In cases where you might be overweight, it might be difficult for you because you need to perform a weight-bearing exercise, but you can't because your knees are killing you. So, it becomes harder to lose weight. What are you going to do? I recommend these three things:

1. Get Your Knees Symmetrical

Female doctor looking at hip Xray | The Best Thing To Do If You Have Bone On Bone Knees | Have Bone On Bone Knee | bone on bone knee pain treatments

The first thing you might want to do is get your knees symmetrical. There are many people who have an out-of-balance situation between their left and right legs. I am talking about one leg that's slightly longer than the other, which puts pressure on the knees. It throws everything off.

If you can get your knees totally symmetrical, you can reduce the tension and stress on the knee joints considerably. Some people don't even need to get bone on bone knee surgery if they can do this. You can check this video on how to fix a short leg, but I'm still going to explain it briefly here.

What happens is people compare the length of both legs and find out there is one short leg, which gives them a heel lift to make the two legs balanced. Usually, the reason why that leg is short is the hip is higher on the shorter leg, and you have a crooked spine. So, if you put a heel lift in the short leg, you drive the high hip higher, worsening the symmetry of the left and right sides of your lower body.

You can then get an X-ray of your hip to check the situation. You can also look at your hip and compare which side is lower. Once you found out which one is shorter, put the heel lift on your longer leg, just a little lift on your shoe to balance your legs. I've done that on a few people, and it took away all their knee pain.

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2. Apply Acupressure Therapy

The second thing you might want to do is apply acupressure therapy to get rid of bone on bone knee pain. You can check this video on how to remove knee pain, but I will still explain the technique to do that briefly. If you have pain on one joint only, you want to work on the opposite side of the affected leg, on the muscles located at the top of your joint. If the two joints are hurting, do the same on both knees to achieve pain relief.

3. Reduce Inflammation with a Healthy Diet Plan

Senior man eating fresh salad | The Best Thing To Do If You Have Bone On Bone Knees | Have Bone On Bone Knee | natural treatment for bone on bone knee

The third and last thing is to reduce pain and inflammation. One major cause of bone on bone knee pain is you have a lot of inflammation going on in your knees. You need to get rid of that before you start exercising. Typically, what happens with people who have bone on bone knee pain is they have a lot of extra weight they need to lose. The extra weight can put too much pressure on the knees that may lead to inflammation. The best way to prevent this is to follow a diet program that fixes Fat Storing Hormone resistance.

Fat Storing Hormone resistance is the number one cause of high levels of Fat Storing Hormone that causes belly fat and a stuck metabolism. If you are to fix the inflammation, you can do it with a healthy diet plan. Eighty-five percent of a person's weight can be handled with eating, and 15% is exercise. But, we don't have to do the exercise immediately anyway.

You can start with three meals a day with no snacking in between, because you will follow intermittent fasting. To go from one meal to the next, you need to add some healthy fat to get rid of hunger in between meals. The small five or six meals a day have to go. Add a lot of greens and vegetables to your meals because they have Vitamin C to help build up hormones with anti-inflammatory properties. These hormones are the adrenal gland hormones that need Vitamin C as a precursor. You also need smaller amounts of protein and higher amounts of healthy fat.

When you get used to three meals a day, you can start going down to two meals a day. Don't eat in the morning and go all the way to lunch and dinner. The fasting period from after dinner to your lunch the following day helps heal the Fat Storing Hormone problem. Eating triggers Fat Storing Hormone, so when you lower the Fat Storing Hormone problems, you also do the same with inflammation.

You can try my product called Blood Sugar Support to help manage your blood sugar levels. It has ingredients like organic goat's rue that contains anti-sugar properties that aid in supporting healthy glucose sensitivity. Pair this product up with intermittent fasting as the combination can help lower inflammation levels in the body more effectively.

Bone on bone knee arthritis may not need surgery if you try these three important remedies. You only need to fix the symmetry of your lower body, apply acupressure therapy, and change your diet to correct your knee problems effectively. Start following these possible treatments now and free yourself from chronic knee pain symptoms!

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