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Always Eat Mushrooms Cooked

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 06/25/2021

Always eat cooked mushrooms vs. raw mushrooms. Here’s why.


0:00 Raw mushrooms vs. cooked mushrooms

0:52 The best way to eat mushrooms

Let’s talk about why you should always consume cooked mushrooms vs. raw mushrooms.

Mushrooms are a fungus, and they have chitins in their membranes. This substance is completely indigestible. So, when you eat raw mushrooms, you could get a stomach ache.

The best way to have mushrooms is to cook or steam your mushrooms, so you can digest this material a lot better and avoid a stomach ache.

Mushrooms also have the precursor to make vitamin D2. So, if you leave raw mushrooms in the sun for a day, you can build up more raw material to make vitamin D2, which will then be converted to vitamin D3.

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