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A Surprising Way to Cleanse Toxic Kidneys - Dr. Berg on Kidney Detoxification

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 01/19/2022

For an excellent potassium electrolyte powder, search Dr. Berg's electrolytes on amazon.com. Kidney detoxification is just as important as liver detoxification. Find out how to cleanse toxic kidneys. 

0:00 Introduction: Cleanse toxic kidneys

0:12 The detoxification process

1:55 The kidneys explained

4:25 Is potassium bad for the kidneys?

6:25 The #1 thing that destroys the kidneys

8:00 Symptoms of a kidney problem

8:57 How to detox your kidneys

12:15 Check out my video on how to cleanse the liver!

Today, I’m going to share a surprising way to cleanse toxic kidneys. The kidneys are just as important as the liver for detoxification. They actually work together in the detoxification process.

The kidneys are like a composite of millions of tiny filters that filter out different things like urea, ammonia, uric, acid, and even heavy metals. If you have weak kidneys, these things can build up and create toxicity.

Many people think that potassium is bad for the kidneys, but a lot of new research shows that potassium is kidney protective. When you have too much sodium and not enough potassium, this could lead to different health problems, including chronic kidney disease. If you have enough potassium, you’re protected against excess sodium.

The #1 thing that destroys the kidneys is a high-carb diet. It’s essential to cut sugar and refined carbs out of the diet.

Common symptoms of a kidney problem:

• Anemia

• High blood pressure

• Itchiness

• Edema

• Foamy urine

• Ammonia breath

• Metallic taste in the mouth

• Frequent urination

• Dark urine

How to cleanse toxic kidneys:

1. Eliminate toxins

2. Go low-carb

3. Correct your sodium/potassium ratios (consume avocados and big salads)

4. Consume a moderate amount of protein

5. Enhance the detoxification of the kidneys with certain foods

Foods that enhance kidney detoxification:

• Garlic

• Asparagus

• Celery

• Parsley

• Turmeric

• Cruciferous

• Berries

• Green tea









Getting up through the night:


Potassium and Kidney:


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