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STOP Doing Gallbladder Flushes with Olive Oil

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 03/06/2022

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Find out why you shouldn't do a gallbladder flush and what you should do instead.

0:00 Introduction: Is a gallbladder flush good?

2:03 What causes a gallstone?

2:35 Bile explained

4:07 Understanding gallstones

4:45 Causes of decreased bile

7:40 What to do for gallstones

7:50 Check out my video on bile salts!

Let’s talk about why you shouldn’t do a gallbladder flush. A gallbladder flush is meant to flush out gallstones from your gallbladder. But, all a gallbladder flush will actually do is flush out bile salts from your gallbladder.

Ironically, when you decrease your bile, you increase your risk of getting gallbladder stones. A gallbladder stone is created when you have a super concentrated amount of cholesterol with a low amount of bile.

Every time you eat, you have a release of bile that helps you extract fat-soluble vitamins and fatty acids. But, if you consume a lot of carbs, you won’t trigger this release as much.

A high-fat diet won’t cause gallstones as long as you produce enough bile. Fat causes a release of bile, not the formation of a gallstone.

Causes of decreased bile production and release:

1. High estrogen

2. Low-fat diets

3. High cortisol (or prednisone)

4. High insulin, insulin resistance, or a fatty liver

5. Loss of bile (diarrhea or gastric bypass)

6. Statins

7. Diabetes

Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar are fantastic to help break down gallstones and kidney stones and help promote bile production.

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