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Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Heart Health

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg September 28, 2021

Check out the incredible benefits of extra virgin olive oil for heart health and more.


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You really don’t know what having a quality extra virgin olive oil is like until you’ve tasted it. When you taste a high-quality extra virgin olive oil, you will notice a difference.

To get the phytonutrients (that have amazing properties) from olive oil, you need to get olive oil that’s from:

• Spain

• Greece

• Italy

• Morocco

• France

• Portugal

• Turkey

• Israel


If you’re in the US, you’re probably going to have to order the type of olive oil you need from one of these countries online or get it from a specialized store. I think the best way to recognize if it’s the real deal is by its intense flavor and aroma.

You may want to put 2-4 ounces of high-quality olive oil on your salad every day to potentially get these incredible effects.


Benefits of extra virgin olive oil:

• It has anti-inflammatory effects

• It has antimicrobial effects

• It has antithrombotic effects

• It has antiatherogenic properties

• It has retino-protective properties

• It has anti-cancer properties

• It’s UV protective


Anti-inflammatory Effects of Olive Oil: https://youtu.be/fV8tCONOf6k

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