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7 Top Supplements That REALLY Work

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 01/20/2024

7 Top Supplements That REALLY Work

Let's talk about supercharging your health with nature's best. You've heard whispers of mushrooms that rally your immune cells and enzymes that keep your heart ticking right.

We're diving deep into these gifts from the earth, like AHCC for viral defenses and Natto kinase for blood flow.

We'll also explore Tutka for liver woes, eye drops tackling cataracts, choline-rich foods for liver fat reduction, colostrum to build immunity, and D-mannose as a shield against UTIs. It’s time to arm yourself with knowledge that could tip the scales toward better health.

Unveiling the Power of AHCC for Immune Support

If you've been hunting for a natural ally in your immune system's fight against invaders, look no further than AHCC. This shiitake mushroom extract isn't just another supplement on the shelf; it's a heavy hitter for bolstering your body’s defenses.

AHCC's Role in Enhancing Natural Killer Cells

We're not talking about ordinary cells here—natural killer cells are your immune system’s secret agents. They’re crucial in taking down targets like viruses and cancerous cells, and research shows that AHCC amps up their activity.

Imagine these enhanced cells as elite warriors with upgraded gear, ready to protect immediately. This might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but over 100 randomized control studies back up these claims.

Combatting HPV with Shiitake Extract

The link between AHCC and improvements in HPV-related health issues is more than promising—it's backed by science. Think of this extract as a skilled negotiator, helping to resolve conflicts within your body that can lead to severe conditions if left unchecked.

Human liver between two hands

Tutka: A Synthetic Relief for Liver and Gallbladder Ailments

Imagine your liver as a busy filter in a bustling aquarium. Over time, debris can clog it up. That's where Tutka steps in, acting like a specialized cleaner to thin out the sludge, slowing down the works.

Tutka is not just another supplement on the shelf; its origins are unique—derived from bear bile, known traditionally for supporting liver function. Before you raise an eyebrow at "bear bile," rest assured we're talking about a synthetic version here.

It shines particularly well when it comes to easing discomforts stemming from gallbladder issues and has been linked to reducing symptoms such as right shoulder pain and those pesky headaches that won't quit.

Natto Kinase's Cardiovascular Benefits

Imagine your bloodstream as a highway, where traffic flows smoothly when all is well. But what happens when there’s a roadblock? That’s where Natto kinase steps in. This soy extract has been making waves for its ability to tackle fibrous blockages that can lead to clots.

Breaking Down Clots with Soy Extract

Fascinating research suggests Natto kinase might be the roadside assistance your arteries need. By actively dissolving fibrin, the protein responsible for clot formation, it helps keep things moving without those dreaded traffic jams in blood vessels.

If you're navigating the complex world of cardiovascular health, incorporating this supplement could be akin to adding an extra lane on our arterial highway—allowing smoother travel and reducing potential bottlenecks caused by clots.

With evidence pointing toward benefits for individuals dealing with clogged arteries, keeping an eye on Natto kinase could help maintain heart health—and keep that personal highway free from obstructions.

Addressing Cataracts with N-acetylcarnosine Drops

Imagine your eyesight is like a camera lens that's just started to fog up. That's what it feels like when cataracts begin to form.

But there’s good news for those in the early stages of this condition. N-acetylcarnosine, or NAC eye drops, are emerging as a beacon of hope.

NAC drops aren't your average over-the-counter saline solution; they've been recommended explicitly for new cataracts and could be the sidekick your eyes need. The spotlight on these drops has grown brighter as more people look for non-invasive treatments.

This isn’t just wishful thinking—there’s science backing up these little droplets of clarity. They're gaining ground among folks seeking alternatives and within scientific discussions about maintaining eye health in its prime time.

Choline's Role in Liver Health

Egg yolks aren't just for making your breakfast omelet more delicious; they're packed with choline, a powerhouse nutrient critical in liver health. Imagine your liver as the body's detox center; without enough choline, it struggles to remove the bad stuff like excess fat.

Studies show that getting ample choline can help reduce liver fat—good news for anyone looking to support their liver function. But don't worry if you're not big on eggs; other foods like beef liver and Brussels sprouts are also rich in this essential nutrient.

If you want to keep your body’s waste management system running smoothly, consider bumping up your intake of choline-rich foods. Your liver will thank you.

Colostrum's Immune-Boosting Properties

Sheep colostrum isn't just the first form of milk; it's a powerhouse for immunity. Think of it as nature’s original vaccine, chock-full of antibodies and white blood cells ready to defend against invaders.

Sheep colostrum can be a game-changer for those wrestling with chronic inflammation or an immune system that’s been through the wringer.

Packed with high concentrations of immunoglobulins, growth factors, and peptides necessary for tissue repair, this milky marvel has shown its might in building up one's defenses. It goes beyond merely supporting; it actively enhances your body’s ability to fend off pathogens.

Studies suggest that including sheep colostrum in your wellness routine could help keep chronic inflammation at bay—something anyone seeking to bolster their health would appreciate.

Its use is more than folk wisdom; it’s backed by evidence pointing toward accurate results for improved well-being.

D-mannose as a Natural Remedy for UTIs

Imagine if you could fend off pesky urinary tract infections (UTIs) with something as simple as a sugar supplement. D-mannose, not your ordinary sweetener, does just that by sticking to the E. coli bacteria like Velcro.

This unique talent gives it an edge in preventing those all-too-common and uncomfortable UTI episodes.

We're not talking about mere hearsay; studies have shown how effective D-mannose can be at giving E. coli the slip so they can't cling to your bladder wall studies.

By disarming these bacteria before they cause trouble, D-mannose acts like a bouncer at the club door of your urinary system.

It's clear why many are turning to this natural option over antibiotics—it offers prevention without prescription meds' potential side effects or contributing to antibiotic resistance problems plaguing our world today.


So you're ready to boost your health with what nature's got in store. Effective natural supplements for specific conditions can be game-changers. Remember AHCC? That mushroom power-up could seriously rev up your immune system.

And let’s not forget Tutka, the bear bile extract that might soothe those liver and gallbladder blues. Think about Natto kinase, too; it's like a plunger for your blood vessels, keeping clots at bay.

Tackling new cataracts may get easier with N-acetylcarnosine drops, while choline from an egg yolk breakfast could slash liver fat. If chronic inflammation is the thorn in your side, sheep colostrum could be the balm you need.

Last up, D-mannose stands as a mighty guard against UTIs. This lineup of heavy hitters shows Mother Nature’s got your back when modern medicine alone doesn't cut it.

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