Why You Are Not Losing Weight After Pregnancy

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Most people find that losing weight after pregnancy is easy while others find it is a daunting task. If you feel that losing weight after pregnancy is almost impossible, you might be greatly discouraged, and you may end up piling the pounds instead of losing them. However, the following could be some of the reasons why you are not able to lose weight after pregnancy:


  • You are probably not doing enough exercise. If you want to change the way your body looks, then you have to work hard. This means that you have to balance out strength training and cardio exercises. Challenge yourself during every workout. However, ensure that you do this in gradual steps. Do not do anything that will cause you injury.


  • The second reason why you are probably not losing weight is that you are not getting enough rest. Some studies show that women who slept eight hours a day were more likely to lose weight than those who slept five hours or less. Depriving yourself of enough rest could affect your metabolism. You might end up consuming more calories. It might be hard for you to get sufficient sleep with a newborn baby in the house but you could work something out with your partner with regards to attending to the baby so that you can both get enough rest at night.


  • The birth of a baby can be stressful for you and you might feel like the baby is draining all the energy out of you. Studies show that weight gain and pregnancy are in fact related. The more you let stress take over your life, the more weight you gain. Ensure that you take a few minutes a day to relax. If you can afford it, hire a house helper for other household chores such as cleaning and laundry. This way, you won’t have too much on your hands and you will be less pressured.
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