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Why is Low Glycemic Fructose Bad for You?

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Fructose comes from fruit, right? So, why is fructose bad for you?


0:00 Introduction: Why is low glycemic fructose bad for you?

0:10 Is fructose bad for you?

0:47 Fructose vs. glucose

1:10 Why fructose is bad for you

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Why is fructose bad for you? Let’s talk about it. Fructose comes from fruit, and it’s only 19 on the glycemic index, which is low. Glucose is 100 on the glycemic index. But, there is more we need to look at. As a side note, high fructose corn syrup is about 42%-55% fructose, and the rest is glucose.

In nature, fruit is seasonal. But now, especially in the US, the daily consumption of fructose is roughly 85-100g per day. That is a lot of fruit sugar.

There is a huge difference between how fructose is metabolized vs. how glucose is metabolized. When you consume glucose, all of your cells can metabolize it. But, fructose is only metabolized by the liver. Consuming something like 100g of fructose a day puts a huge stress on the liver.

Even though it’s low on the glycemic index, fructose creates a significant amount of triglycerides. In other words, fructose can be converted into fat. This can lead to a dangerous condition called metabolic syndrome.

When you consume fructose, you also generate glucose from the fructose. Consuming fructose can create insulin resistance. The more insulin resistance you have, the more this process occurs where fructose is converted into triglycerides. Not only that, the more metabolic syndrome we have, the more diabetes we have.

Even though fructose seems harmless, it’s very hard on the liver.

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