Why I Don't Recommend Water Fasting

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 07/16/2021

Water fasting is a bad idea. Try this instead.


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Today, I'm going to talk about why I don't recommend doing a water fast or dry fast.

Water fasting:

A water fast is a fast where you're not eating any food; you're just drinking water. During a water fast, you don't drink coffee or taking supplements.

Dry fasting:

A dry fast is where you're not eating or even drinking water.

I don't recommend dry fasting or water fasting because so many people have nutritional deficiencies. Our bodies don't have the mineral reserves to go a long period of time without food. If you have deficiencies going into a water fast without taking supplements, you could have various symptoms.

Symptoms you could experience while water fasting:

• Weakness

• Feeling sick

• Feeling faint

• Digestive problems

I encourage people to take supplements, including vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids, while fasting. You can also consume vegetable broth that you make at home to help you replenish some of the minerals you need.

You would simmer the vegetables for 90 minutes and add high-quality sea salt. Then you would strain out the fiber and drink the broth. I recommend drinking 2.5 liters of this broth per day. You can also have it as a soup.

Nutrient-dense foods that you can use to make vegetable broth:

• Kale

• Swiss chard

• Celery

• Parsley

• Radish

• Ginger

• Onion

• Garlic

• Turmeric

• Leeks

• Endive

• Peppers

• Cabbage

• Bok choy

Benefits of drinking vegetable broth while fasting:

• Replenish your minerals

• Feel better

• Curb your appetite

• Offset the acidity that occurs when doing keto

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