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What SHOULD You Drink During Fasting: ACCEPTABLE LIQUIDS - Dr. Berg

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

What can you drink without breaking your fast? Watch this in-depth video to learn everything you need to know about liquids while fasting.

In this video, we’re going to talk about what you can drink while fasting.

0:00 Introduction: Liquids while fasting

1:00 What does it mean to break your fast?

1:45 Dietary fat burns before stored body fat

2:15 What can you drink while fasting?

Consuming anything that causes a spike in insulin will break your fast. This is important to know while you’re doing intermittent fasting.

Some beverages can trigger an insulin spike and immediately stop your fasting benefits.

Keep in mind that consuming something that's 100% fat will not break your fast. This is because fat does not spike insulin on its own. However, consuming more dietary fat will deprioritize the burning of body fat. So if you’re goal is to lose weight, consume less fat while fasting.

Fiber will also not spike insulin because your body can’t digest and utilize fiber.

Let’s take a look at what you can and can’t drink during your fasting window.

What to drink and not drink during fasting:

1. Water: Yes

2. Water + apple cider vinegar: Yes

3. Water + lemon juice: Yes

4. Diet soda: No

5. Black coffee: Yes

6. Bullet-proof coffee: Maybe (may slow weight loss)

7. Coffee with cream: Maybe (if you’re using heavy cream)

8. Bone broth: No

9. Green and herbal teas: Yes

10. Coconut water: No

11. Coconut milk: Maybe (in small amounts)

12. Pre-workout (BCAA): No

13. Alcohol: No

14. Milk: No

15. Electrolytes: Yes (if no added sugar or unhealthy sweeteners)

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Recommended Supplements While Fasting:

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