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Using Acupressure for Stress Relief

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 04/08/2024

Using Acupressure for Stress Relief

The relationship between stress and weight loss is that accumulated stress can influence weight loss because it activates a hormone called cortisol.

I’m talking about emotional, mental and physical stress. Physical stress can be old injuries such as:

  • Surgeries

  • Giving birth

  • Car accident.

When I do a consultation is very important to get the history of and the background of how much stress a person has experience such as:

  • sore throats

  • tonsil problems

  • bladder infections

  • lung infection

  • old injuries to the risk

  • knees

  • back and shoulder

These types of accumulative stress tells us why a person is not getting any sleep or relax.

Techniques Done at Dr. Berg's Office

  • We developed an acupressure technique that extracts old stress from the body.
    You burn fat while you in a deep sleep cycles. Even if you exercise today two days later you will see the benefits when you are sleeping.

    When you work on a person and you help them sleep they will have more energy. When you pull stress out they can lose more weight.

    Part of the weight loss program is the take out the stress to help them sleep better. It is a very pleasurable technique because it helps you relax.

  • We even have a tool that measures the amount of accumulative stress if a person is in a flight or fight mode.
    Flight or fight is the ability to react to stress, so if you climb up the stairs you have heart rate, blood rate and adrenaline response.

    We can measure how well you adapt to stress. If you cannot adapt to stress you will be overwhelmed and feel burned out.

    People that have a low tolerance for stress have accumulated too much stress.


  • We also measure how you recover from a stress state such as high pulse rate exercise.
    If you go on a trip across the country and it takes you days to recover when you return, that will be a poor recovery from stress.

We measure before and after the treatment and it is dramatic how you can see changes.

We also:

  • Get rid of the stress

  • Get the right eating plan for body type

  • Add the right exercise

You probably look at people at the gym and see them working out including yourself and you may not see any real change in your weight.

I know people that are at the gym everyday 7 days a week and still not losing weight.

Every single person that came in the clinic had poor recovery after exercise that they were doing.

This means, since you are burning fat in the recovery zone after exercise because you don’t burn fat during exercise, you don’t burn it until 24 to 48 hours later.

We use the machine to see what is happening and find that people are stuck in a stress mode without being able to recover that will affect sleep cycle.

We started putting people on a program for exercise based on the results from the stress machine and this started to see people really losing weight.

You might have people that are exercising too much because their stress level is already too high.

You might have people that are exercising too little because and not triggering the fat burning effect too much.

We also put a person on a very nutritional diet plan, not counting calories for their specific body type.

You want to get healthy to lose weight not lose weight to get healthy.

We do this very naturally in the clinic.

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