The Ignored But Vital Function of the Stomach

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Many people don’t know about this vital function of the stomach. Do you?  


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0:45 A vital function of the stomach that’s ignored 

1:05 Immune-defense in your stomach 

1:57 Side effects of low stomach acid 

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Today, we’re going to talk about a vital function of the stomach that’s typically ignored. The stomach helps you digest protein, which it turns into the building blocks to make body tissue. 

Other functions of the stomach:

• It helps you absorb minerals 

• It stimulates the pancreas to release enzymes to help you digest food

• It stimulates the production and release of bile to help you start breaking down fats and then extract the fat-soluble vitamins from the food you eat

Another important function of the stomach that’s typically ignored is killing pathogens. Your stomach is designed to kill pathogens and prevent foodborne illnesses. Basically, your stomach has a huge immune-defense function. 

Your stomach contains certain things to help defend against pathogens, such as:

• Hydrochloric acid (quantity and pH matter) 

• Lactoferrin 

• Antibacterial peptides

Side effects of low stomach acid:

• Infections in the lower GI 


• Heartburn/acid reflux (GERD)

• Bloating 

• Gas 

• Indigestion

• Allergies 

• Anemia 

• Mineral deficiencies (especially calcium, iron, and zinc)

• Bile deficiency 

• Enzyme deficiency 



Important of Hydrochloric Acid:

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