The Healthiest Diet Explained By Dr Berg

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

You know, when I was in my twenties, I was very, very stupid in the subject of health and wellness. My awareness was very, very low. I was eating things that you would actually be shocking if I told you—I’m not even going to mention it. So there’s so much confusion out there of what diet is good, which one’s bad, which one is correct, which one’s incorrect. So I actually had to hit bottom before I really looked at the subject of nutrition, really at the core, because I wanted to find out the truth, because I was so sick myself.

So what I did was, I looked at the dietary requirements for what the body needs. There are things RDA’s; Recommended Dietary Allowances and those things are developed by the USDA. The thing is—I think those are way too low. I just use those as my standard. I built a program that I use to analyze some of the diets out there—some of the big diets out there. I wanted to find out—if we could reverse engineer this and basically find out what nutrients we need and then match the foods that would fulfill that or satisfy that recommendation, you would probably have the most perfect diet. Because, if you think about, the thing that heals your body; the reason why we eat food is to get nutrients, and not just to eat carbohydrates or proteins or fats, but actually to repair our body tissue or replace our body tissues.

So I did that, and the diet that I have in chapter ten is the end result of that research. In fact, I built a program and you can take the quiz and compare what you’re eating to what you should be eating and see where your weaknesses are, if you want. But see, it’s a little bit difficult to reach that maximum amount that you need, simply because it’s so bad. You’re going to have to enhance your diet with some type of whole food concentrate. Just make sure it’s not synthetic. In other words, I want you to start focusing—don’t look for some diet. Instead, just look for nutrients. Find out what diet would support all the nutrients and go for that. I’ve done the work for you. You just need to turn to chapter ten, do the eating plan, get healthy, and lose weight. In fact, that’s why people don’t crave anymore, because it fulfills all those deficiencies that create cravings. So I hope that helped, I’ll see you in the next video.

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