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The Cortisol Fat Storing Hormone Connection

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 12/09/2016

The adrenal gland releases a catabolic hormone called cortisol that breaks down protein into amino acids. Too much cortisol sends amino acids to the liver to be converted into carbohydrates instead of being absorbed by the muscles. 

Gluco Neo Genesis is the creation of new sugar in the liver from the adrenal, leading to diabetes and Fat Storing Hormone resistance issues. Additional sugar in the body can only lead to these health issues; that’s why your cortisol should be regulated back to normal levels for your blood sugar and cholesterol to lower down. 

There are also cases where people who are taking Prednisone to cure an autoimmune disorder or another medical condition end up having diabetes. 

Thus, if you’ve noticed your belly gaining more fat, know that it’s not because of the fat that you’re consuming. Instead, it’s because of the high levels of cortisol and Fat Storing Hormone in your body.


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