The Best Testosterone Exercise for Men

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 04/08/2024

The Best Testosterone Exercise for Men

This is mainly for men, but can be for women, too, if you can do this workout with high intensity.

This exercise is going to help you get lean body mass.

To increase testosterone (women won’t increase this above the normal range), you must have good sleep and an intensity of exercises.

If you can’t sleep, don’t bother trying to burn fat. Testosterone follows the path of growth hormone which is the main pathway to burning fat.

If you trigger one hormone, then you will trigger the other.

The people that are getting up at 4 am to exercise but are not getting sleep won’t see huge burning of fat.

That’s a big mistake. You will be better off getting more sleep and just a little bit of intense exercise.

I’m not talking about a spin bike, jogging, or aerobics class. I’m talking about a full body activated very intensely and very quickly.

You need to have good adrenals to do these:

  • Rock Climbing

  • Burpees

  • Kick Boxing

  • Sprints

  • Boot camp or crossfit

Do the type of exercise that you can only do for 3 to 4 minutes at a time.

  • When you exercise, you create some stress in your body, then you stop, and your body recovers.

  • You want to create a high stress intensity with short duration and then you want long rest.
    This will stimulate our growth hormone all day long and will really help you lose weight and get lean body mass.

  • When you are first starting out with exercise, you may want to walk and do yoga or things that are in low intensity and add an intense exercise, perhaps once a week.

As you go into the more high intensity exercise, don’t do it very frequently.

For instance, I exercise every other day to allow my body to rest.

The 3 Things That Will Block Progress

1. Sleep – If a person is exercising regularly and not losing weight, the first thing I ask is if they are losing weight.

2. Cortisol – The 2nd thing I check is their stress level because if their stress level is really high, they will create more fat through the cortisol hormone and won’t lose weight.

3. Fat Storing Hormone – If you are drinking wine or juice, this would trigger your Fat Storing Hormone.

One of my favorite workouts is to chop wood.

It works all parts of your body like the upper body, abdomen, and your oblique, which is the side of your stomach.

You can do this for half an hour. If you are just starting, you can chop wood about once a week.

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