The Best Protein for Recovery from Exercise, Stress and Trauma

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023


Do you know what the best protein for recovery is? Hint: it’s not whey!


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Today I want to cover the best protein for recovery from exercise, stress, and sickness. You have protein that is absorbed in the body and protein that’s actually used by the body. Only a small portion of protein is utilized in the repair action and in providing the raw material to build new protein. Proteins are different combinations of amino acids. The rest is either wasted or used as fuel.

Different examples of proteins in the body: 

• Muscle 

• Hair 

• Nails

• Tendons

• Ligaments 

• Fascia 

• Cartilage 

• Skin 


• Cellular machines inside the cells

• Enzymes

• Hormones 

• Lipoproteins

• Blood

• Immune cells 

Best protein for recovery:

• Breast milk 

• Eggs 

Proteins that aren’t great for recovery:

• Whey 

• Soy 


Keto aminos is a blend of essential amino acids that can provide a 99% utilization rate and only 1% waste or fuel. This is not a dietary protein. It’s a supplement that can assist in the recovery process. 

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