The 7 Bad Diet Habits THAT WILL RUIN Your Day

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/30/2023

Have a better day just by avoiding these bad habits.

0:00 Introduction: 7 bad habits that can ruin your day

0:10 #1 Eating breakfast

4:18 #2 Drinking too much coffee

5:10 #3 Grazing at night

6:45 #4 Exposing yourself to too much blue light

7:38 #5 Going out to dinner

8:00 #6 Grocery shopping when you’re hungry

8:13 #7 Not eating enough nutrient-dense foods

8:45 Check out my video on melatonin!

7 bad habits that can ruin your day:

1. Eating breakfast

Eating stimulates hunger about an hour and a half later. This is because every time you eat, you increase insulin. Insulin prevents weight loss.

2. Drinking too much coffee

The caffeine in coffee can keep you awake at night if you have too much and leave you tired the next day. Only have one small cup in the morning and try coffee alternatives.

3. Grazing at night

This increases insulin, which keeps you from losing weight. It can also cause bloating and hunger in the morning and other symptoms of low blood sugar. Have more fat and nutrients in your last meal. Only snack on something like carrots and celery until you can give up snacking.

4. Exposing yourself to too much blue light

If you’re not exposed to enough infrared light and are exposed to too much blue light, it will affect your health and cause you to have trouble sleeping.

5. Going out to dinner

You don’t always know what’s in the food you’re eating, and some of the oils and ingredients they use could be bad for your health.

6. Grocery shopping when you’re hungry

You’ll be more likely to buy things you wouldn’t usually get if you do this.

7. Not eating enough nutrient-dense foods

If you consume foods low in nutrients (even if it’s keto-friendly), you won’t be satisfied, and you’ll consume the wrong foods. Nutrient-dense foods will help you feel better and overcome cravings.

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