The 2 Types of Exercise for Belly Fat

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Sometimes it can feel like stubborn fat has wrapped itself around your belly overnight. You wake up one morning and it's difficult to get that favorite pair of jeans to button. After that initial shock, it gradually gets more challenging to hide your belly fat and your self-confidence may even begin to plummet. This isn't good for your physical health or your mental health.

Thankfully, there are belly fat exercises that can make a significant difference in the way you look and feel.

Belly fat is one of the toughest types of fat to lose and control. But, don't let that discourage you. In this article, we will cover why you are getting fat around your belly and two powerful types of exercise to reduce it.

In this article:

  1. Why Do You Get Belly Fat?

  2. Low-Intensity Exercise

  3. High-Intensity Exercise

  4. The Bottom Line

Person in jeans with belly fat | 2 Types of Exercises for Belly Fat


Why Do You Get Belly Fat?

To some degree, abdominal fat also known as visceral fat is normal. It helps to insulate the body as well as provides cushion and protection for your bones and organs. But, excess abdominal fat can become an area of concern and lifestyle changes may need to be made.

There are lots of different reasons why you may notice fat around your belly. But, don't worry. There are ways to promote a healthy body and fat loss. It may sound cliché but following a healthy diet and knowing the right exercises may be the best way to lose belly fat and help promote weight loss.

Following a low-carb high-fat diet like the ketogenic diet is the perfect place to start. The two forms of exercise we will go over next should also accompany the keto diet for max effectiveness.

There are other things that you can do as well to promote weight loss in the abdominal area like getting enough sleep and saying no to sugar and sodium.

A Few Reasons You Might Notice Belly Fat:

  • Poor metabolism

  • Genetics

  • Changes in hormones

  • Stress

  • Overeating

  • A sedentary lifestyle

  • Disease

  • Poor posture

  • Sagging abdominal muscles

  • Genetics * Pick your parents more wisely...


Low-Intensity Exercise

three women with yoga mats | 2 Types of Exercises for Belly Fat

What is Low-Intensity Exercise?

Unlike high-intensity exercise for belly fat, no matter what stage of life you're in or what shape you're in, everyone can benefit from a low-intensity belly fat workout.

Few people can tolerate high-intensity exercises to get rid of belly fat. If you are just starting out, you may find them especially unsustainable which could cause you to abandon exercises to lose belly fat altogether.

While you might not build raw strength and muscle mass with this type of belly fat workout, it will help you burn sugar and will promote fat loss. Low-intensity workouts are also still fantastic for cardio.

Just as it sounds, these types of workouts to lose tummy fat are less intense. But, they require you to workout for longer periods of time and will help you build endurance.

Something to keep in mind is that you can't really go off of your pulse rate with this type of workout. Your nervous system may be broken and you could be huffing and puffing but your pulse rate may still be low. Instead, go by your breathing. During low-intensity exercise, you should still be able to talk to someone comfortably.

This type of exercise to lose visceral fat is low-maintenance. There are tons of great low-intensity workout options that can be done almost anytime anywhere.

You don't always have to push your body to the limit. For some people, it's just not possible or healthy to do that. Low-intensity exercise is about keeping your heart rate steady and performing a less intense workout consistently.

Low-Intensity Belly Fat Burning Exercises Will Help You:

  • Burn fat and calories

  • Improve cardiovascular function

  • Build muscular endurance

  • Boost circulation

  • Improve mood

Examples of Low-Intensity Exercise:

  • Walking

  • Yoga

  • Aerobics class

  • Bicycle exercise

  • Elliptical

  • Rowing machine

  • Stand-up paddle-boarding

  • Light swimming

Try Low-Intensity Exercise to Get Rid of Belly Fat if You:

  • Are recovering from an injury

  • Want to compliment your HIIT regimen

  • Are new to exercise or are getting back into it

  • Want to focus on form

  • Lack of motivation

A Few Things to Note on Low-Intensity Belly Fat Exercises

* You should always start with low-intensity visceral fat exercises and work your way up to high-intensity if you feel comfortable.

* In the first 25 minutes of walking you will burn 1500 sugar calories. After that, you will begin to burn fat.

* If you're working out for 30 minutes a day, you are only burning 5 minutes of fat. If you decide walking is right for you, walk for at least 45-60 minutes.

* Low-Intensity workouts are relaxing to the body and are better for stress than high-intensity workouts. They will help you increase oxygen to the body (which your body lacks in times of stress) without stress.


High-Intensity Exercise

man and woman doing push ups | 2 Types of Exercises for Belly Fat

What is High-Intensity Exercise?

High-intensity workouts are fantastic if you can handle them.

These are hardcore exercises that should leave you breathless and only able to speak a few words, not hold a conversation. High-intensity exercise is actually labeled as anaerobic meaning without air. On the other hand, low-intensity exercise is aerobic meaning with air.

If you're able to handle high-intensity belly fat exercises it can be extremely beneficial. The best exercise to lose belly fat may be high-intensity exercise.

High-intensity belly fat exercises immediately start burning sugar. Because you are burning sugar quickly, you can't do high-intensity workouts for long periods of time. After some time your sugar will convert to lactic acid.

Lactic acid will cause your muscles to start burning and aching. The more sugar you burn during your workout the more lactic acid it will make. That lactic acid will also decrease oxygen in the body.

Even though this type of exercise may be short, your heart rate will be up and your blood will be pumping. While steady cardio may not be great for building muscle, these high-intensity cardio exercises will help you maintain your hard-earned muscles while still promoting fat loss.

You can do these exercises to lose belly fat anywhere. You don't necessarily need fancy equipment. This is also great if you have a busy schedule and don't have the time to put into low-intensity cardio workouts.

High-intensity exercise is a simple concept. It's all about putting in the maximum effort over a short period of time. Then, you rest and repeat. During these intense workouts, your body is working hard even during the resting period. Because of this, your metabolism is elevated for longer enhancing weight loss.

Even when you burn fewer calories during a high-intensity workout, it still appears to be better for weight loss. The increase in metabolism and the hormonal response makes up for the reduced calorie burn during the exercise session.

High-Intensity Belly Fat Burning Exercises Will Help You:

  • Burn fat and calories

  • Increase your metabolism

  • Build and tone muscle

  • Improve your cardio fitness

  • Burn more calories while at rest

  • Increase metabolism and endurance

Examples of High-Intensity Exercise:

  • High-intensity interval training

  • Resistance training

  • Strength training

  • Push-ups

  • Running

  • Speed walking

  • Hill walking

  • Climbing stairs

  • Jump roping

  • Cross country skiing

  • Plyometric exercises

Try High-Intensity Exercise to Get Rid of Belly Fat if You:

  • Want to try something new

  • Want more from your workout

  • Want to lose weight faster

  • Are a fitness enthusiast

Tips for High-Intensity Belly Fat Exercises

  • * Fat burning will only occur between 14 to 48 hours after the workout during deep sleep. This is one of the reasons why getting enough quality sleep is essential for weight loss.

  • * Always warm up and cool down before and after your HIIT workouts.

  • * Take at least one to two days off per week from your HIIT workouts. Your body needs time to recover.

  • * Start slow and don't push yourself if you are sore.


The Bottom Line

Excess body fat is more than just an annoyance; it affects your entire well-being. Although tummy fat can be challenging to get rid of, these two types of exercises along with a ketogenic diet will help you do it.

Both low-intensity and high-intensity exercises are effective ways to get rid of belly fat. Which one you choose simply depends on what feels right and works best for you.

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