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The 1st Symptom in a Salt Deficiency

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

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Look out for this common sign of sodium deficiency!





0:00 The first symptom of a salt deficiency

1:20 How much salt do you need?

2:07 What to do about low sodium symptoms

2:50 Why sodium supports your energy

4:53 How to bulletproof your immune system (free course!)

In this video, we’re going to talk about the first symptom of a salt deficiency. The first symptom of sodium deficiency is feeling weak or tired.

Fun facts: Salad in Latin means salted greens. Salary in Latin means salt.

You should never consume refined salt. Instead, have organic sea salt. Refined salt only contains sodium chloride—it doesn’t contain the other vital minerals.

One role of sodium in the body is to create hydrochloric acid (HCL) to help digest protein, break down minerals, and kill off pathogens. Many people are low in HCL because they don’t consume enough salt.

The average person needs a minimum of 1 tsp. of sea salt per day. If you exercise or do keto, you will need more than this.

Low sodium diets that have you drinking lots of water can dilute the salt and flush it from your body, leaving you deficient in sodium. Additionally, a high-carb diet can cause you to retain sodium in the wrong places.

If you notice that you feel weak or tired, try increasing your sodium and see if the problems go away.

An electrolyte powder can help replenish your sodium and other electrolytes.

Sodium is crucial for normal energy levels because it…

• Excites the cardiac muscle

• Regulates calcium

• Is involved in the sodium-potassium pump

• Is vital to creating energy in the mitochondria

One last fun fact—sea water is virtually identical to the watery portion of your blood!

In summary, make sure you have enough sodium in your diet by having at least one teaspoon of organic sea salt a day to support healthy energy levels and other low-sodium symptoms.


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