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The 10th Reason Why You Are Vitamin D Deficient

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 07/18/2021


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Check out this interesting cause of vitamin D deficiency.


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Vitamin D is a very interesting vitamin. It’s not even really a vitamin. It acts more like a hormone. There are many reasons why someone could be deficient in vitamin D, but today we’re going to focus on just one important cause.

Potential causes of a vitamin D deficiency:

1. Not consuming enough in the diet

2. Not getting enough from the sun

3. Age

4. Skin color (the darker the skin, the less absorption of vitamin D)

5. Obesity

6. Metabolic syndrome

7. Inflammation

8. Malabsorption

9. Infection

10. Polymorphism

We’re going to focus on polymorphism. Polymorphism is the mutation in the genes that control the vitamin D receptor.

With polymorphism, vitamin D is supposed to be traveling through the blood to connect to the sensor, but there is resistance in the receptor. This means it can’t be received correctly by the receptor. It can’t do its job, which can lead to vast problems.

Vitamin D receptors are located in most of your body tissue—they are all over the place. This is why vitamin D is so important.

Polymorphism can lead to:

• Rickets

• Osteoporosis or osteopenia

• Hair loss

• Susceptibility to viruses

• Liver inflammation

• Autoimmune conditions

• Insomnia

What you can do:

• Take higher amounts of vitamin D

• Take purified bile salts




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