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Stress Makes You Stronger

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Stress isn't always bad. Find out how stress makes you stronger!


0:00 Stress makes you stronger

0:30 How stress makes you stronger

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Stress is actually necessary to make you stronger. Without stress, your body weakens. But, of course, you need the correct balance of stress and recovery. The body has an urge to survive. When stressed, the body reacts by adapting and getting stronger.

How stress makes you stronger:

1. The immune system: You're born with a part of the immune system called the innate immune system, which is given to you by your mother based on her stress and adaptation. Then, you also have the acquired immune system. This something that you develop over time as you're exposed to infection. You have to go through different forms of stress to develop the antibodies, to develop a stronger immune system.

2. Exercise:

This is a stress that breaks down muscle tissue and creates damage. But, in the recovery phase, with the help of hormones, you become stronger.

3. Fasting

When you deprive the microbes in your body of nutrients, they live longer and become more diversified. Your body goes through various amazing things when fasting.

4. Phytonutrients

One of the purposes of a phytonutrient is to act as a pesticide or insecticide. When you consume phytonutrients, you're getting exposed to this, and your body can become stronger and more resistant to it.

5. Cold and hot

Cold and hot temperatures can stimulate certain mechanisms to make you stronger and create a healing effect. Cold temperatures may be more effective than hot.

6. Decreased oxygen:

Depriving your body of a small amount of oxygen can cause your red blood cells to adapt and become stronger. You can do this by wearing a certain mask while exercising.

7. Radiation

A small amount of radiation, from the sun, for example, can cause an adaptation effect where your body becomes stronger and more resistant to it.


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