Stop KNEE Pain in 60 Seconds! (GUARANTEED) The ONLY Exercise You'll Ever Need

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Learn about the incredible power of exercising backward in this fascinating interview with Ben Patrick, The Kneesovertoesguy.

0:00 Introducing Ben Patrick: The Kneesovertoesguy

3:36 Ben’s story

6:53 Why you should exercise backward

17:26 How to exercise backward

23:03 Which muscles are affected by exercising backward?

25:50 Balancing backward and forward exercise

26:57 Balancing flexibility and strength

32:00 Final thoughts

34:48 Thanks for watching

In this video, we’re interviewing Ben Patrick, also known as “The Kneesovertoesguy” here on YouTube.

He has an incredible program that has helped me immensely with my lower back, increasing flexibility, and others with their knee pain.

His unique method of working backward has revolutionized the way we think about exercise. Enjoy this insightful interview and learn why you should exercise backward too!

Get Ben Patrick's program here: or his book:



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